Tricks Used by Restaurants When Making Menus

The restaurant menu design was apparently not made haphazardly. Color selection, layout, until writing menu descriptions can affect the visitor’s order.

Often when visiting restaurants, you’re tempted to book more or choose more expensive menus. This is not the case. There are a series of tricks that the restaurant parties do to influence your psychology.

Restaurant consultant Aaron Allen reveals these tricks in the infographic “The Psychology of Menu Design “.

Look at how the menu is designed, the colors used, and how the menus are described. This is all part of the Psychology of menu design.

Each menu is carefully crafted to encourage you to make certain decisions, especially to get you to spend more money.

Psychology behind the preparation of this menu is supported by science and a series of research that has been done. It includes many aspects such as position, color theory, word usage, cost determination, and much more. Here are some important points:

1. Color

Color selection can affect the menu ordered. Green implies the food is fresh, Orange is able to bring up appetite, yellow is used to attract the attention of visitors, and the red encourages someone to order the food that most benefit the restaurant party.

2. Layout

When looking at the menu, it’s usually our eyes are immediately drawn to the center before finally glancing at the top right and left. These three areas are usually used to write down the most profitable menu of restaurants.

Be careful with the tricks of putting valuable menu slightly more expensive at the top. This aims to make visitors consider other menus cheaper. The restaurant also utilizes empty spaces in the menu sheets to write down the most profitable menus.

3. Price

Generally the restaurant parties use unrounded numbers to impress the best prices such as 10.95 dollars. But on the contrary, exclusive restaurants tend to use round numbers to impress the luxury.

4. The description

It’s not a coincidence if you see a menu called “Grandma’s Apple Pie. The proper selection of words is capable of generating emotional interconnectedness so that visitors are difficult to reject the menu. Meanwhile, the most wanted menu for sold restaurants is usually given a longer description.

5. The variation

According to Aaron, the discerning restaurant owner will only display 7 menus in each section. This amount is felt enough to give a choice but does not make the visitor difficult to determine the order.